Consortium Capital’s investments in renewable energy have included biogas via anaerobic digestion and rooftop solar applications in addition to the syndication of renewable energy tax credits. On the tax credit side, Consortium focuses on syndicating both state and federal credits on projects that are typically in the $10M to $50M range. In syndicating energy tax credits, Consortium is generally technically agnostic and seeks to partner with experienced project developers.


Consortium also looks into the renewable energy space for opportunities beyond tax credit financing, having acted as a co-developer and sponsor of renewable projects. With a focus on solar, anaerobic digestion, as well as other less proven technologies, Consortium’s typical project size is $5M to $20M; Consortium has partnered on projects in a variety of ways: supplying pre-development capital, raising private equity, construction debt and other project finance, and providing project and asset management services. Two keys to Consortium’s efforts in financing renewable energy projects are efficiently using the available tax incentives and layering multiple incentives into single project financing.


Consortium Capital has recently partnered with Revolution Energy Solutions to develop, own and operate a series of biogas projects using anaerobic digester technology on livestock farms in North Carolina. These digester systems will process 100% of the livestock waste produced on site, greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the presence of contaminated water, and provide enough clean, renewable electricity to the grid to power thousands of homes each year.

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